Medical paper towels

These products are used in beauty treatments. Practical, hygienic and indispensable in every beauty salon. Our innovative non-woven medical paper towels are a great solution for everyone who expects professional and efficient make-up removal or face and body cleansing.

First, softness and absorbency, which are the result of applying the appropriate fibre structure and matching the basis weight of the raw material from which they are made. Secondly, the uniqueness of the application. The combination with a cleansing preparation, favourite make-up remover or moisturising or soothing agent equals smooth, soft and moisturised skin.

Thirdly, a variety of packaging. You decide whether the medical paper towels in sheets or on a roll will be more convenient for you. Available in many sizes, which allows the customers to find the product that suits their preferences and work specifics the most. We produce medical paper towels on 50 and 120 metre rolls and in sheets of 50 and 100 pieces.