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Organic Products.
100% made
of cotton

We have created a product line in harmony with the nature of PANW Naturline. The innovative range is 100% compostable. Made of natural cotton fibres that break down into biomass within 90 days. All products are characterized by high absorbency and endurance.
If you want to be closer to nature, these products are just for you.

    The PANW Naturline line includes towels, scarves and compresses. Towels available in two versions - folded and rolled. The roll is 36 cm high and has a perforation every 38 cm, which makes it perfect for hairdressing and cosmetics. The folded towel has a size of MAXI 50 cm x76 cm, the package contains 50 pieces. Treatment scarves are available in sizes: 20cm x 30cm, 44cm x 50cm, 88cm x 50cm. Their absorbency allows for excellent absorption of preparations. Make-up removal becomes very quick and easy. They are very soft, so they are also great for cleansing and removing too much sebum. When removing make-up, soak the scarf with water or preparation and chase the impurities in circular movements. Then wipe your face with a dry product to remove any residual moisture. Another product is compresses packed in 150g. They have a very practical size of 16.5 cm x 18 cm, so they can replace cosmetic pads. The compresses are made of cotton, well absorbing moisture and liquids. You will not find loose fibers on the surface of the compresses, which guarantees a high degree of safety during treatments.

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